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Lavender is one of nature's best skin tonics! This all-natural soap is made with 50% olive oil and contains a blend of pure essential oils to soothe sensitive and mature skin.


If there was ever an iconic soap scent it would surely have to be lavender. Oozing fresh, herbaceous goodness, our Lavender Bloom natural bar soap is made with pure Lavender essential oil, which is an excellent skin tonic and all-round powerhouse of an essential oil. Lavender oil is not only great for relaxation, but is a reputed healing agent, used for centuries on wounds, skin ailments and other maladies. We blend additional essential oils of Lemongrass, a slightly astringent oil, and Patchouli which helps to anchor the other scents and provides its own great skincare properties. This 100% natural bar soap is one of Wild Prairie Soap Company’s most popular bar soaps and can also double as a fabulous Shampoo Bar. Simply rub the bar directly on the hair, lather as usual, and rinse. If you love Lavender in your bodycare regime, also try our Lavender Lotion Bar, Body Polish, Extreme Lip Renewal and Lavender Gift Sets.


As with all of Wild Prairie Soap Company bar soaps, Lavender Bloom soap is made with 50% Olive Oil. Contains sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium palmate, Lavender essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Lavender flowers

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All Skin Types, Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Problem Skin, Shampoo Bar


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