Authenticity is paramount at L&M. We have in-house professionals in leatherwork and luxury goods, who carefully inspect each and every item to ensure its authenticity. Our fine and designer jewelry collections are curated by an in-house expert who holds Applied Jewelry Professional™ (AJP) credential from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America, and is a standing member of GIA® Alumni Association and Canadian Gemological Association. Our in-house expert even attended the MasterValuer Program to ensure that our valuations are conformed with the industry standard.




We offer 7 Days Money Back Guarantee on Designer Handbags

         Buy with confidence! Every designer handbag comes with a special seal tag confirming that it has been verified and sold by L&M. If you can obtain a written statement from a qualified professional that proven the item is not authentic, we will return your full money back. Just make sure, the seal is intact.


Counterfeit goods

L&M does not accept counterfeit merchandise of any kinds. If we determine that a submitted consignment is not authentic, it will not be returned to the consignor and will be destroyed. 


It’s all in the details...

          We look at materials, craftsmanship, unique aspects of a particular model and more. All items consigned with L&M are not only carefully inspected through a multi-point process by our in-house experts, we have a double authentication process where we submit an item's information to our trusted independent authenticator for further verification, if needed.

          L&M’s authentication process is unique to L&M and independent of any brands. Brands identified are not involved in the authentication of the products being sold, and none of the brands sold assume any responsibility for any products purchased from or through the website. Brands sold on L&M are not partnered or affiliated with L&M in any manner. However, L&M fully corporates with brands and provincial and federal agencies seeking to track down the source of counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of consignors submitting counterfeit goods.