Repurposed Louis Vuitton Pendant Necklace 1

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Product Details

Once a old and out dated phone keychain charm, we turn it into a gorgeous pendant necklace you can wear. The pendant is ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC!

*Available in limited quantity only*

  • Specially designed to allow the pendant to hang naturally facing the front.
  • Each lock comes with its original key that's fully functional and can be used on a Louis Vuitton bag, if desired.
  • The set contains a single chain with a full set of lock and key.
  • The gold-tone chain is 18" in length, pick the style you like: luxe or dainty.

Condition: The chain is in new condition. The pendant may show some sign of wear.

Does not come with a box. 

Note: All the items from the previous round has SOLD OUT!  Please place your order to ensure that you don't miss them this round :) 

SHIPPING TO USA: We do ship our products promptly but please expect some delay due to USPS's reduced capacity because of COVID-19.

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