Les Fêtes Du Roi Soleil Silk Scarf 90

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"Les Fetes du Roi Soleil " or " The Celebrations of the Sun King," was designed by Michel Duchène (his signature is highlighted in photo 4) and issued by Hermès in 1994. The design is an homage to the French "Sun King," Louis the XIV. This design was reissued in 1997. This scarf is an original 1994 issue.

This scarf is also extra special as it is made from coveted jacquard silk. Hermès is no longer produce jacquards, finding them too expensive to produce today. Unlike printed silk, its pattern is the result of elaborate weaving and is often slightly textured to the touch. Basically, any silk fabric made on a jacquard loom is considered to be jacquard. This fact makes Hermès jacquard silk carrés very rare and collectible and a good investment piece to add to your collection. Also, when you wear a jacquard, the designs woven into the silk catch and reflect the light. In this case, the fireworks design will shimmer. 

The stunning colorway is comprised of an emerald green border on a white background with light and dark golds, pewter, crimson and light yellow accents.

This stunning scarf features a white and green elaborate astrological pattern with a centre sun on a blue background. This is a stunning scarf to be worn in any number of stylish ways, from Hermes!

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 34.5 in
Height: 34.5 in

Condition: Excellent

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